Here is the steps I followed for creating an Active Directory test environment on my Windows 10 machine.

Enable Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services

In the "Programs and Features" control panel, click the "Turn Windows features on or off" and enable the AD LDS feature: 


Launch the wizard

It is located in the app menu, under Windows Administrative Tools:

In the wizard, I chose to create a single instance, named TestAD1, with the default LDAP ports 389 and 636 (for SSL connection). 

Then I chose to create an Active Directory Partition and named it "CN=MyTestPartition1,DC=local,DC=example,DC=com": 


And I left the wizard default values untouched, in the remaining screens. 

Browse the AD with ADSI Edit

Launch ADSI Edit and choose Action / Connect to...


Add nodes with ADSI Edit

Right click on a node and choose New / Object: 


Connecting Apache Directory Studio to this AD instance

Make sure to select the JNDI provider: